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Insurance Best Practices
Our Best Practices approach provides the foundation for fast and effective solutions.
Our insurance expertise includes:

• Actuarial & Analysis
• Agency Management
• Claims & Imaging
• Financial & Admin
• Quotation & Issuance
• Product Development
• Marketing
• Reporting & Statistical
• Underwriting & Rating

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Are you looking to work seamlessly with your agents and push operational processes to the web in a secure manner to empower agents and policy holders?
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Are you currently implementing an insurance system package and looking to overcome the challenges of missed timeframes and cost over-runs?
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Are you looking to evaluate and select a new solution to replace your policy and claims systems?
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Are you looking to implement an imaging and workflow system for claims administration?
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Are you looking to develop a reporting platform that enables comparisons across lines of business, empower your actuaries to make better pricing decisions and accelerate your underwriting processes?
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These initiatives can provide you with a substantial return on investment if planned and executed from a position of experience. Insurance724 has solved these problems before and can substantially reduce the risks that you face. We enable you to invest your IT dollars wisely and in fact will only work on solutions that will improve your bottom line.

We know insurance and speak the language of insurance business. We are the Insurance Technology Specialists™ working on processes and IT problems for insurance companies just about 7 days a week and 24 hours a day...and so we are Insurance724!

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